The year is 2563, the Earth was plagued by a man-made crisis: the economies collapsed, states ceased to exist, and all livable territories have been divided up between warring clans. They built killer slaves, soldiers with no feelings, no free will, only one goal - to terminate the enemy. These machines, controlled by synthetic intelligence, won't stop at anything to finish their quest.

The Squadron collection consists of 4,444 unique units on the Ethereum network. The main focus of the project is a strong community and a P2E platform: we plan to develop the game mechanics and our own metaverse and very soon you'll find out what exactly the role of your Squadrons will be.
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NTF - You are win!
4,444 Unique Squadrons

You are given the opportunity of owning one or several of 4,444 unique Squadrons. Consisting of hand-drawn elements, different in color palette, structural organization and details, just like humans, no two are alike.

Which one will you choose?


  • Head

    • Face mask

    • Temple

    • Jaw

  • Armor

    • Collar

    • Shoulders

    • Chest

    • Arms

  • Weapon

    • Scope

    • Butt

  • Other

    • Background

    • Сamouflage

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  • THE CALL: Squadron collection release

    The release of a collection consisting of 4,444 unique Squadrons and the beginning of a great story. The main focus of this phase will be on the development of the social component:
    • Pre-mint period - publications on NFT collections platforms, creation and promotion of Twitter account and populating the discord server;
    • Post-mint period - assigning special privileges for Squadrons owners, building social capital for the project and preparation for the second phase.
  • BALANCE OF FORCE: Advertising and Airdrops

    The second phase is all about scaling the project. We will work hard to make the collection known to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Contests, giveaways and airdrops are, of course, included at this point, but special attention will be paid to the launch of a large-scale advertising campaign and saturation of the Squadron universe.
  • BREAKING MOMENT: Game-changer Event

    Our team's vast experience in gamification has determined what the largest event in our universe should be: an epic battle that will shake up the NFT world. Only those whose armies still have warriors will be able to fight and move forward. Many Squadrons will disappear from the face of the earth and crypto space, but those who remain... will rush into the world of digital immortality.

    Since our goal is not just to produce a collection, but to actively apply NFT technology, we are developing a startup for user-friendly implementation of DAO: creating, managing, and monetizing a community. Creative economy is the future - and we want to develop a handy tool for content creators, hobby clubs, large communities and even companies.
  • IMPERIUM: The Metaverse

    In the distant year 2563, Earth is ruled by four major clans, which have divided up the planet in a race for controlling its now scarce resources. Squadron Warriors have emerged on all sides and the fight continues for supremacy. Go to battle and secure zones rich in resources to earn income. Fight beside your team and scale your influence across the metaverse. Which clan will you join?

Our team

  • Exlumen

  • Rasterio

  • z808z


The three founding fathers. They combined their knowledge of code, digital art skills, and creativity to create the Squadrons for the upcoming battle. We've accumulated a lot of experience and will now fight to the end to keep the Universe evolving by leaps and bounds.

More information and a full profile of our team can be found on our discord server.

Join the community

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